So what’s it all about?

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Curly’s pocket guide to Running, Jumping, Swimming... ...and Throwing Things is the ideal mobile app for anyone watching or attending sporting events this summer.

Each sport is represented as a beautifully illustrated playing card. On the reverse of each card are the key rules and facts surrounding each sport, written clearly Wittilly and concisely.

Astonishingly easy rules

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No jargonny, boring bits here. I’ll take you through the rules and make those fouls and disqualifications a doddle.

I answer all those questions you’ve always wondered about but have never thought to ask, like ‘what happens if the pole vault pole snaps?’ or ‘what on earth is a repechage?’ I’ll have you wowing at the weightlifting before you can say ‘fat man in a leotard’.

‘Well I never’ fascinating facts

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I unlock the weird and wonderful stories lurking behind every sport that’ll make you say ‘well I never’.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, horses racing humans, swimming pools filled with cups of tea, amazing athletes breaking all the rules of physics and not-so-amazing athletes breaking all the rules of fairplay – I have a story for everything.

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